Development Blog #1 - 21/01/15

By Robert Settle on 22nd January 2015

From all of the development team at European Gaming League, we hope that you're all enjoying the brand new eSports platform that was released only a few days ago.

I'm Robert, part of the development team here at EGL. Eight years ago I helped create, the website that was purchased by EGL a few years ago.

So I am very excited to be helping to bring to our users a brand new advanced system that can help propel eSports to the next level! We feel that we've created something special and this is only the beginning.

As part of our commitment to providing the most user intuitive eSports experience, we'll be doing key releases on an almost monthly basis. Features such as new tournament types, extra profile features, and user friendly individual tournaments are all set to be released within the next couple of months.

I will continue posting regular development updates providing an overview of our releases and what the development team are currently working on, as well as answering any questions or suggestions you might have.

So here is our V1.0:

  • The release of our new branding

  • Fresh and user intuitive design built especially with the end user in mind.

  • Team-based Single Elimination Tournaments

  • Easy to use sidebar for increased usability.

Over the next week we'll be releasing some tweaks including additional team management functionality and a slight change to how match notifications are displayed.

If you have any suggestions or wish to get in touch with our development team, you can email us at: [email protected] or leave a comment below!

From everyone at the development team, we’d like to thank you for joining us on this very exciting journey!

Happy Gaming

Rjs37 and the Dev Team