Development Blog #3 - 18/02/2015

By Robert Settle on 19th February 2015

We're very happy to announce our latest release went live earlier today, exactly a month after we launched our new eSports platform.

This release was primarily focused on improving the tournament system including important features such as publicly viewable match fixtures, private match comments and automatic match confirmation.

From today, all pending results will be automatically confirmed after a set period of time has passed - from the time of the original report. This means match results no longer need to be manually confirmed by the opponents or administrators.    

Other match reporting improvements include the ability to signify a no shows as well as being able to provide evidence when reporting match scores. Some tournaments will make evidence submission compulsory.

A full list of updates is as follows:

Tournament Updates

  • Added automatic confirmation of pending results based on admin defined time frames

  • Added publicly viewable match fixtures, accessible from the tournament screens

  • Added the ability for teams to communicate privately with each other and administrators from within the match screens

  • Added ability to signify a no show during match reporting

  • Added ability to provide evidence during match reporting

  • Improved error messages when trying to select ineligible members

  • Added check to prevent users without a valid gaming account from being included in the tournament roster

  • Added functionality for tournament sponsorships

User Profile

  • Added unique validation of all types of gaming accounts

  • Added a suitable character limit to all gaming accounts

  • Added password verification when changing email address     

Team Management

  • Added validation to limit length of team names

  • Moved verified icon next to team name


  • Added pagination for articles

  • Fixed article limits

UI Updates

  • Changed sort order for games and platforms in main navigation

  • Changed 'Query Match' to 'Submit Ticket'    

  • Fixed pagination and sort order of a team's fixtures and results

Our next release arriving before the end of February will be focused on improving the support / ticket system. Tickets will be opened up across the website with the inclusion of generic issues whilst users and administrators will be able to reply back and forth

As always, if you have any issues or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at [email protected].