Development Blog #4 - 27/02/2015

By Robert Settle on 27th February 2015

Last night a brand new update was released on the website including some major improvements to our support system.

Support has now been added to our main navigation, including links to our FAQ, User Guide and 'My Tickets', our newly expanded ticket system. From here you can view a full history of all your tickets. This screen also allows for the creation of new tickets in-case you are experiencing any issues with using our website.

Once a ticket has been created, both users and administrators are now able to leave additional comments related to the ticket.

A full list of updates is as follows:


  • Full ticket history accessible from 'My Tickets'

  • Both users and administrators able to add comments to tickets

  • Closed tickets prevent further comments from being made

UI Updates

  • Removed Halo: Battle of Europe from main navigation

  • Added Support to main navigation

  • Added EGL logo to guest specific spotlight

Our next release will arrive in early March bringing improved mobile compatibility for the website along with the inclusion of support for individual based tournaments.

As always, if you have any issues or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at [email protected].