Development Blog #5 - 11/03/2015

By Robert Settle on 12th March 2015

We've released another set of updates to our website that focuses on individual tournaments as well as some user interface changes. We've also made it even easier for you to see both your team's & your individual match fixtures & tournaments via the My Matches and My Tournaments screens.

A full list of updates is as follows:

Tournament Updates

  • Added individual tournament as a tournament type with a simplified signup process

  • Streamline report screens specific for individual tournaments

  • All individual tournament related screens will display the relevant gaming account

  • Added My Matches and My Tournaments to the sidebar for improved usability for both team and individual events

  • Tournament Notifications updated to include both team and individual events

  • Added 'Create Team' button to the join tournament module

UI Updates

  • Optimised spotlight for smaller resolution displays

  • Updated default guest spotlight with improved branding

  • Applied fix for bullet points within articles

  • Applied fix to better highlight links within articles

  • Updated homepage video embed

  • Re-named Join Cup to Enter Team for team based events

  • Fixed issue with long team lists overflowing whilst entering a tournament

The next set of updates will include user defined time zones, automatic location recognition and region specific tournaments. If you have any issues or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at [email protected] and we'll be in touch.