LEGO Jurassic World Review

By Robert Settle on 12th July 2015

With Jurassic World now holding the record for the highest grossing debut in cinema history, as well as LEGO still remaining as the number one toy brand in the world, bringing these two franchises together was only a matter of time. However, just because they may be the best in their respective categories, it does not mean that they are immediately going to break any more records when combining to create a brand new computer game. In fact, whilst LEGO Jurassic World is still a great game that will provide players with plenty of laughter. If you have seen the movie, you’ll particularly appreciate how the developers have managed to translate it brilliantly into a humorous and light-hearted LEGO experience.

Those who played the countless other LEGO games in the past won’t really have anything new to enjoy about this, except for the fact that there are now larger LEGO pieces in the form of dinosaurs. Ultimately, you still go around trying to solve puzzles but this time, you do it in the world of Jurassic World. You can still go around and break pieces of the environment to help you craft other objects around you. You can also just choose to spend the broken pieces on new equipment.

Despite LEGO Jurassic World being a game that would primarily be enjoyed by children, its level of authenticity is extremely high. Pretty much every character from the movie can be unlocked, including Mr. DNA. If there is one aspect of this game that separates it from the other LEGO franchises, it’s the fact that characters have specific archaeological roles to play. Unlike other LEGO games where the characters have unique weapons to distinguish themselves, LJW takes a different approach due to the lack of combat. Instead, characters have different skillsets. As an example, only some characters can dig, whereas others are less afraid to get their hands dirty by scavenging through dinosaur matter. The hunter class is the one that brings the muscle. Strangely, the game comes across as quite sexist sometimes. It should obviously be taken light-heartedly, but I found it off that only the women have the scream ability!

Other LEGO games promote you to engage in combat. LEGO Jurassic World however encourages you to run. After all, the whole point of the movie is to avoid becoming dinosaur food, and this translates well into the game. There are a few moments where you do end up having to fight, however since these sequences are a rarity, they actually become very special and feel like boss battles. You aren’t always playing as humans either. You do get the opportunity to relive the Jurassic Park III battle between the T-Rex and spinosaurus.

When small annoying dinosaurs start attacking you in packs, this is probably when the game becomes most frustrating. Throughout the game, pesky compys will prevent you from achieving your main goal until you deal with them first. I wouldn’t have minded if they were a little less powerful, but they seem very strong and overpowered. They are also very agile, making it difficult to attack them.

Although LJW has been released in tandem with the movie, its experience spans across all four movies. You’d think that the game would therefore contain a very large campaign. I’m not sure if the developers were pushed into releasing the game in accordance with the movie, but if this is the case, it has impacted the length of the campaign. The four movies have been segregated into five main missions that literally rush through the major moments of the series. There is no real plot to the game and if you haven’t watched the movies, at times you may not even know what is happening. I suppose this does result in a fun, action packed and very fast-paced campaign mode. You certainly won’t be spending much time doing nothing. However, I feel that the developers could have done more to lengthen the campaign mode.

The four movies are segregated into specific parks in the game. Therefore if you want to enter the original Jurassic Park, you can do so by travelling to it. There is a fast travel option, however by doing this, it will automatically assign you missions. If you travel on foot though, it can take some time getting from one park to another. Once you’re at the park, there’s plenty of enjoyable stuff to do. Getting there is the problem that you need to overcome. You’re better off just walking between each movie park since you at least have full control of what missions you’re assigned.

Despite all of the issues that the game has, all of them are bearable simply due to the fact that the entire world is made out of LEGO. I am a LEGO addict. As a kid I used to play with LEGO and one day when I have a place with enough rooms, I want to dedicate one of them just for building and displaying LEGO creations. Unfortunately I don’t have any time these days, else I’d happily spend it just messing around with LEGO bricks. The charm of LEGO makes even a game extremely loosely based on the Jurassic World story seem highly enjoyable. As it is for kids, even the scenes have been remastered in a humorous way. As an example, you won’t see dinosaurs running around wanting to eat humans for nourishment. Instead, dinosaurs love candy in the game. I love that even something as serious as a T-Rex eating a human being is somehow turned into a lovely bonding session between mankind and dinosaurs as you watch a LEGO human figurine brush the teeth of the king of the park.

I believe that you can only truly enjoy what LEGO Jurassic World has to offer if you have seen all four movies. You’re not going to want to buy this to get an insight into the movie plot. Instead, it makes more sense to watch them first, since you can appreciate how the developers have creatively transformed some of the more epic scenes into LEGO action sequences that are suitable for children. Although you can finish the entire story mode (for all four movies) in less than 10 hours altogether, the action is extremely fast-paced and you won’t have much time to take a rest. It also contains a co-op element that lets you experience the campaign alongside a friend. As long as you maintain patience whilst travelling from park to park and are willing to be surprised by annoying dinosaurs that will attack you in waves, LEGO Jurassic World is a great game to appease you until the big daddy, LEGO Dimensions, makes its way to the shop shelves in a couple of months.