Exclusive Interview with Gooby from Team Lunatic

By Jaseem Khan on 16th July 2015

Hello Gooby how are you ?

Great, a bit tired but great.

Tell us more about your team and your team mates.

Unpredictable is the calm one. focused on winning his lane and winning the game.Taxta is the quite one, the one who is always objective oriented.Titan is the one who seems to ADHD one, easily amused yet easily bored.Mist is a talented and well educated guy. He is sort of a rager so he usually stays silent.and well I'm just a joker, stuck between these guys. Our drafts are also an extension to my humor. 

How did you guys meet and formed a team ?

We met online, in the dying days of Dota. we kind of enjoyed playing with each other, since it was a push heavy meta back then and we all kind of just clicked. We all started our competitive journey together. Since then, we're together. Three years strong. 

Your previous team name was Fapfapfapp , who decided to name the team that ?

I guess it was obvious choice of name, since that was all we had in common at that time rofl. 

Sumail played with you in your team , how do you feel about him now ?

I still feel the same, he is still the same kid for us as he was before.

What are your major achievements and how long have you guys been playing together ?

One of our biggest achievements would be the Bahrain Dota2 league, back when Sumail was playing for us. since then, we have been pretty constant at the top of the Pakistani Dota2 Scene atleast. 

Do you guys play Dota for fun or as a passion to be the best ?

I'd say we started off enjoying the game, but yes passion is certainly why we're still playing. 

If given a chance , will you guys travel to long distances to prove your skills ?

That has always been the plan , that is what we are playing for. 

What can you say about Esports future in Pakistan ?

If you would've asked me this a few months back, I would've said its dying. But the perseverance the players here have shown, have kept the game alive for so long and are probably going to take it further ahead. 

What was your first reaction when you heard sumail being picked up by Evil Geniuses ?

I wouldn't say I knew it, but I would definitely say I wasn't surprised. Sumail and Yawar, both had that drive in them to take them that far. And I'm proud to say that some of my team mates have it too. 

Amidst all the power problems and security problems in Pakistan , how do you manage to play dota ?

Tbh, sincere dedication overcomes all of this. The only problem I see ourselves facing, is the lack of a proper management in the scene. No good/regular scrim partners, no bootcamping sessions etc. 

Do you think teams from Pakistan stand a chance at the International and can compete with other teams ?

Teams from Pakistan can definitely compete with other teams of the region if they shape up, and with a little work, maybe more. 

Any shoutouts for anyone ?

Yea most definitely. Shoutout to the people who have been supporting us even though we suck, to all the people who’ve been following us @www.fb.me/LunaticDoto, all of this is very helpful. And ofcourse, to Team AGL for giving the opportunity.

Line-up Of Team Lunatic : 

Adeel "say_gooby_plz" Ahmad
Abrar "Unpredictable" Asif
Azhar "Taxta" Asif
Muhammad "T1tan" Shehwar
Rizwan "Mist" Ahmad 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LunaticDoto?fref=ts