BattleBlock Theatre

By Jaseem Khan on 21st July 2015

If you and your buddy enjoy getting down and getting your kicks off with puzzle solving and co-op gameplays, then BattleBlock Theatre is for you! with over 450 levels and different modes this game will test your friendship, patience and question your sanity! Grab your partner and hunker down for an awesome ride!

From the creators of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, The Behemoth presents the players with countless of never-ending dungeon, fearless feline battles, and your good ol reliance of screaming-brick sh*tting-and button mashing strategies. Your task, if you choose to accept (though at this point you would have to, since that is the point of the game) is to is save your fellow companions from the brink of exterminations and a lifetime of servitude under the feline wardens. Collect all the gems in each stage, jumping, running, punching and hurling your partner across deadly terrains, with utmost precision and tactic! using your partners head as a human platform/sacrifice, to proceed through each level! as you successfully overcome your hurdles of burden, the next dungeon becomes progressively harder.

Obtaining gems to exchange for cool and funky looking faces, as well as weaponry. From Grenades, to Boomerangs, to Acid bubbles,  to a F*cking Electric fan (that's what I just said) THAT'S RIGHT, take out your electric (C-grade) fan and blasts your enemies away! (on medium power).

One of the most enjoyable games I have experienced so far! it's jam packed with fun! lots of laughter and tears were shed (tears, more so than any other!)  If you really want to lose your mind , I would recommend the Insane mode for those who wish to test their bonds of friendship.

Good luck and Godspeed.