Check In : 14th August 2015 (Friday) 18:00 MYT (GMT+8)

Round 1  : 14th August 2015 (Friday) 20:30 MYT (GMT+8)

Round 2  : 15th August 2015 (Saturday) 20:30 MYT (GMT+8)

Quarter Finals : 15th August 2015 (Saturday) 20:30 MYT (GMT+8)

Semi Finals: 15th August 2015 (Sunday) 23:30 MYT (GMT+8)

Third Placing : 16th August 2015 (Sunday) 20:30 MYT (GMT+8)

Finals  : 16th August 2015 (Sunday) 20:30 MYT (GMT+8)


All your team fixtures can be found at Match Fixturepage. 

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More info on understanding the website can be found at User Guide.

If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Submit Ticket' button found on the Match Fixturepage.

You can view and respond to all of your support tickets here.

Admins : Williams Goh (Skype : Vash96)

               Arvind D (Skype : arvind.audir8)

               Jaseem Khan (Skype : Jaseemkhan)

With the success of AGL LAN events in 2011-2013 we are back to support the community of eSports once again on our improved and efficent platform where gamers all around the Asia can unite and compete. However this time round we will have single elimination cups planned for the community every Friday-Sunday.

Please read the rules before you register. You can also find guide on how to sign up and register a team here.